Production & Sustainable Practice

Thank you for clicking on this tab and finding out more about our production and sustainable practice.

Our choices in fabric we always choose the most sustainable possible.  Which for us is usually 100% linen.

100% linen in 100% biodegradable.

Linen uses less and water and pesticides than cotton or other fabrics.

Is strong and durable.

Our production is done by ourselves in Burleigh Waters on the sunny Gold Coast.  During occasional times when I need help to keep up with demand we have 2 friends from Melbourne help our production.  But it is all Australian Made and ethically made.  

As always there are things we could do better and we are constantly striving to do so as this is a core focus of our business.


Madonna & Simple Sunday

Mother and baby sitting on towel, over looking the ocean.  rust coloured pure linen bag placed beside the mother